Friday, December 28, 2012

Our 2012 chaos in review

It has been a year since I started blogging. What started out as a family blog turned into more of a DIY/tutorial/decorating blog. I love sharing my brainstorming/creations with you! Thank you for reading.

Hansen Family Chaos top 10 posts of 2012.

I knew that burlap was trending on Pinterest.
I had no idea that a burlap Christmas tree would be so popular.
We really do love how this tree turned out and hopefully it inspired
others to use burlap during Christmas as well.

Our major project of the year was our patio. This was basically how
my little blog was born, through the tutorials of our patio building.
Right now out patio is covered in snow, I'm craving a juicy
burger and fresh fruit salad right now.

The pergola is probably the best part of our patio. 
It provides the perfect amount of shade in the summer evenings.
I have some plans to add some hanging shades to 
the pergola in the future.

How to trench a downspout as number four was a surprise to me.
However, if you take a look back through the weather this year,
there were some major flooding issues across the nation. 
May be why this post came in so high?

Every little girl needs a headband holder, or some sort of
headband organizer. This tutorial is so easy and cheap, I'm surprised
the downspout is above it!

Yes, another patio post is in the top ten.
Again, the main purpose for the start of this blog.

Ahh, we all have to learn from mistakes. This tutorial of adding ribbon to 
curtains hopefully helped some people out. Use Stitch Witchery, so much easier!

I love Sidney's room, it is so bright and cheery. She loves it too,
but just recently asked, "Mom are you ever going to finish my room?"
I'm still searching for a bookcase. I also want to completely change her curtains.
Look for that post in the future!

I have to admit I love this shirt! I'm excited to wear it again next football season.

Personalized, monogrammed signs are still so popular. 
I am sill creating these signs for friends, family and others
who cherish memories through words.

Happy New Year everyone!  Have a great, happy and healthy 2012/2013 celebration.  I look forward to seeing you in 2013. I have many plans for the Chaos blog starting with orgainzation and a break down for designing every room in the house. (what have I got myself into?)


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