THE Patio

This blog started primarily as a family blog and updating family and friends about the activities our kids were involved in.  However, at the same time, we also started building our patio. I decided to create tutorials on how to build THE Patio. Somehow, THE Patio seemed to get a lot of attention.

I call it THE Patio, because it has been our ongoing project for about 4 months. But it's called THE Patio mainly because everyone wants to know about THE Patio. "Are you done?" "How is it coming?" "I want to come over and see it in person." "Show more pictures." "I want to look at it to see if we can do this ourselves too!" THE Patio seems to be the topic of conversation with our friends.

Here it is from start to finish:



Finally the finished product. 



  1. WOW....I just love everything on this.

  2. You did outstanding work. I was searching for patio/pergola ideas and just stumbled over your blog. It is almost identical to what I have planned for my backyard. Thanks for the step by step commentary/photos. Do you have a rough estimate on your price of materials?


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