Thursday, January 3, 2013

January goals: start organizing and decorating

I'm starting the new year by setting some goals.  I'm not going to call them resolutions, really, they're not. Be prepared for a fun bulleted list for this blog post. Yippee!

Before I get to the long January Goals list. Here are some pictures from our trip to Memphis to watch the Cyclones in the Liberty Bowl.

The car is loaded to the top! We're ready to go!

 The Hansen family at the Cyclone Spirit Walk.

Eating some BBQ in Memphis at Rendezvous.

The kids are ready! Let's Go State!

Okay here we go: January Goals

  • Declutter storage in basement. List items on Facebook community swaps, Craigslist or other online sites.

  • Organize photos from 2011/2012. Put all printed photos from 2011 in scrapbook. Start a photobook on for 2012.

  • Start planning for Sawyer's birthday party. Why does this always seem to creep up on me?

  • Sort through kids closets and take clothes to local consignment store.
  • Sort through Josh and my closet and take clothes to local consignment store or Goodwill.
  • Make a list for clothes that we all need for spring/summer.
  • Start a list for decorating each room in the house. Like curtains and a table in the living room here and here.
  • Bring lunch to work for 15 days.
I'm glad I have a start on some of these items. Keep checking back to see my progress.

What are you organizing in the New Year?

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