Thursday, January 10, 2013

Closet Organization

I'm still trucking along with my January Goals and this post is exciting to me because I'm getting stuff done. Oh yea!

I started with some closet organization, which is one of those jobs that IS. JUST. NOT. FUN. Getting started is the hardest part. In fact, I told Josh that I was just going to do one section. That didn't work, one clean up lead to another.

Anyway, enough with the boring talk about closet organization and on to the description of what I did.

I started by sorting items:
  • Take to consignment
  • Donate to Goodwill
  • Hang on hangar
  • Throw away
  • Find new place to store

Isn't it amazing how many clothes you have and don't ever wear? T-shirts are the worst, they keep multiplying. The best part? It feels so good to get rid of all the clutter that you dig through day after day. You just start getting used to it, don't you? Then, you set a goal and it is so refreshing to complete that goal.

Time to tackle the cluttered shelves. Yuck! First, I removed everything. Put all items in categories such as purses, sweaters, shirts. Removing and sorting was easy. Then what?

Time to re-organize. The hardest part. Start by setting up a sorting system, then the process goes much easier.

The time it took me from start to finish = 1.5 hours. However, I must be honest, I started this project on Saturday and by Thursday, I still have items in my car to take to consignment. This project is almost done once I can get rid of the bags of items.

It is so nice walking into our closet, I can see the floor, shoes are all organized, even Josh started clearing out his clothes. Ahhh, another January goal complete.

NOTE: I know that there are not complete pictures of our closet from before and after. However, friends, I do have to attain some privacy and didn't feel it was appropriate for you all to "look" in my closet. Happy organizing!

What are you organizing this month? Do you have any great tips to share?

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