Thursday, January 17, 2013

Tween Girl Room - Let there be light

My January Goals are slowing getting completed. However, it is still January. Don't stats show that most "resolutions" fail by February?

Ha, I will fool them. I didn't make resolutions, I made goals.

On the January Goal list: Start a list for decorating each room. 

I am starting with Sidney's room, she is 10, typical tween, loves peace signs, lime green and loud music. Her room is, oh-so-close, to being completely decorated, however we are still missing some essential items.

Here is the list for completing Sidney's Tween Girls Room:
  • Lamp for nightstand
  • Bookcase and decorations
  • Picture wall. All white frames with Sidney's artwork, shadow boxes showcasing sport medals
  • Refurbish chair for keyboard
  • Change curtains - move higher and wider with a thicker curtain rod

Let's start with the easy part: picking out a lamp. Hobby Lobby was having 50% off all their home goods including lamps and they have really cute lamps for tween girls. I purchased two lamps so Sidney could pick her favorite. What is your favorite lamp #1 or lamp #2? 

I love lamp #1 the blue matches her wall perfectly and the flowers/bursts accent her wall decals. There is just a hint of sparkle around the lamp shade with individual rhinestones inset into the flowers. LOVE it!

Lamp #2 is also hard not to fall in love with. The green matches her green wall, I like the clear cord and the polka dot shade accents her bedspread. The big pink felt flower is what sells this lamp for me. I also liked that it was tall, which added height to the room and helped draw your eye to her artwork.

Which do you think she chose? Lamp #1 or Lamp #2?

Drum roll please drrrrrrrrrrdrrrrrrrrrdrrrrrrrrrrr...and the winner is:
Lamp #1 is the winner! Sidney loved how it matched her blue wall.

Her cute Thirty-One butterfly tote fits under the night stand and brings color to this side of the room.

We still have to tackle finding a bookcase, this isn't an easy task.
Look at this blank wall.

I am currently in the process of gathering cheap frames throughout the house
and purchasing some from Goodwill and Dollar Tree. 
My decorating idea is to make a nice wall collage of her artwork.

Do you like the mess on the dresser? #keepingitreal

January Goals Summary:

  • Declutter storage in basement. List items on Facebook community swaps, Craigslist or other online sites.
  • Start a photobook on for 2012.
  • Sort through kids closets and take clothes to local consignment store.
  • Sort through Josh and my closet and take clothes to local consignment store or Goodwill.
  • Start planning for Sawyer's birthday party. Why does this always seem to creep up on me?
  • Organize photos from 2011/2012. Put all printed photos from 2011 in scrapbook. 
  • Make a list for clothes that we all need for spring/summer.
  • Start a list for decorating each room in the house. Like curtains and a table in the living room here and here.
  • Bring lunch to work for 15 days

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