Monday, October 29, 2012

Why are window treatments so hard?

Have you ever scoured the endless world wide web for window treatments not even knowing what direction you are headed in? You know you need something for your windows for privacy and just settle. Settle for blinds because it's easy and you know the functionality of the blinds are perfect, but the room is still missing something.

Fabric adds so much to a room, it softens hard lines, it can bring in elements of your personality, and it can be colorful. But, there are so, so, so many fabrics to choose from and so, so, so many different styles of window treatments, where do you even start?

Well, if you are looking for the answer, sorry I don't have it. I don't have a clue either and I'm still learning from Potterybarn and Pinterest.

 - Mount your drapery rod 6" above the window or 3" form the ceiling.
 - Measure 3" - 6" to the right and left of the window to mount the drapery rod.
 - High and wide is the theme.
 - Measure twice (times fourty - yes, I just made that up)

 - Mount your drapery rod directly above the window.

Our living room needs fabric! We need new pillows and curtains and I would like to make this very traditional room more transitional. The transitional look has led me to abstract/geometric fabrics. Thank goodness I could narrow something down.

Now I need to decide what color? Ugh, the ultimate hard question. Well - since this room is mostly neutral, lots of neutral and more neutral, guess what...I'm going neutral with the curtains too.  I know, I know, so booooorrrrriiinggggg right?
I feel that I can be boring with the color choice because the curtains are going to be dramatic.  Why so dramatic you ask? Because they are going to be lllllllloooooonnnnnnnggggggg.

I really think this will help the room a lot. Plus, in the Spring and Fall we have a major SUN problem. Oh, we love the sun, just not when it blinds us in the eyes while trying to cook supper at 5:30pm every night.

We're still toying around with this whole window treatment thing. Thank goodness Photoshop is my very good friend.

Yes! Me likey! Great, I've nailed down the fabric choice. Now I have to figure out the endless options of curtain rods, where to mount them and what type of drapery style I want on top. Too many decisions!

Now that I have been reading about how to mount curtains I'm thinking Sidney's room may need a little help. Darn, I thought I had that one done.

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