Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Decorating: No sew ribbon on curtains

Decorating on a budget can be really fun.  I love coming up with quick and easy decorating projects that can save a dime, or two or three.

I've had a room inspiration plan for Sidney's bedroom {stay tuned for a post about decorating her room} for a while and slowly we are getting it finished. Part of her room plan was to make curtains. I purchased the fabric at JoAnn Fabrics and matched the fabric to her bedspread.  The fabric is blue and has a canvas like texture. {My intention was to make these from twin bed sheets, but I couldn't find the "right" blue.}  Then according to her room inspiration "plan" I decided to add some ribbon to them to make them look more custom.

Supplies you need:
3" satin ribbon
Stitch Witchery
Ironing board

I am going to share this information with you because it took me two times to complete this very simple project. Better for you to learn from my mistake right?

First I took the curtain off the curtain rod and laid it on the floor.

Then I measured 3.5" from the edge and pinned the ribbon to the curtain.

Then I used fabric glue. BIG MISTAKE, BIG, HUGE! (Yes, that is a Pretty Woman reference)

Can you see all of those dots? Ummm, yea, that is because I used fabric glue.  It bled through the ribbon and looked terrible. I ripped off the ribbon before it dried, and threw all the ribbon away, plus I was mad, so ripping if off made me feel a little better.

Then I got smart and purchased Stitch Witchery, which I want to
call Switchery for some reason.  I am so happy for this great invention that
I have never tried before.  Thank you Stitch Witchery!
You can find this at Hobby Lobby for around $2.69.

One good thing about the fabric glue is that it gave me a guide where to put the Stitch Witchery. I pinned two long lines of the Stitch Witchery to the curtain. (excuse the gross dots, that's from the fabric glue, the ribbon will cover those dots up, thank goodness!)

Next, I pinned the ribbon to the curtain.

Set your iron on high with high steam and iron (do not slide, I don't know why, but that's what the Stitch Witchery said).  I took the pins out along the way before ironing.

That was simple!  This took me about 1 hour per curtain.

Sorry for the blurry after photo.  I tried to get this quick while giving the kids a bath.

Stay tuned for Sidney's room reveal!  It's a really cool tween girls room.  I have to give her some credit too, she picked out the paint colors and bed spread. 

Do you sew curtains or other bedroom accessories? What have you added ribbon to lately?

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