Monday, April 18, 2016

Run your first race and prove them all RIGHT!

Are your friends always asking you if you are going to run in the next local race? Now is the time to sign up and prove them all right!

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Do your friends ask you...Are you running in the next (insert local race)? Or Have you ever run in the (insert tough mudder)? OR Maybe we should do a race for our local fundraiser? If you are interested in starting your own race for your local fundraiser check out Eventbrite. They can help you get your site up and running! They can help you get your site up and running!

I get asked these questions all the time and the funny thing is, yes, I exercise a lot, but I really struggle with running. It's tough for me. If you've seen my previous posts (training scheduletips 1tips 2) you'll know it really is a challenge.

However, they are asking you to run, because they KNOW you CAN do it! So, what is stopping you? Sign up to run a race now and prove them all right!!! I look for my races here.

In fact my first race was back in 2011, a simple 5K for my employer at that time. It took place on the Iowa State University campus. I thought I'd like to participate to support the organization so I signed up and ran the race. I DID'T train at all. Big mistake, Big mistake HUGE (can anyone guess what movie that quote is from?)

I'm in that group of people somewhere...

I ran the race fine and my time was about 32 minutes and, yes it was a struggle, but two days after the race, I was sick. I could barely move and later learned I had Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS). My muscles were so sore I felt sick to my stomach, could barely move, couldn't keep myself awake for work and had to leave work at 3:00. I went home and went to bed and slept until 8:00pm that evening. Not the best race experience I had.

The next race I ran was in 2012 for Midnight Madness and this time I was smart! I trained! I learned my lesson. I really wanted to finish before 30 minutes and I did! time was 29:59. Midnight Madness is a race in Ames, Iowa that takes place in July in the evening. Therefore the temps are ridiculously hot! But I felt fine after that race because I had prepared.

Recently friends asked me, actually really, they told me I was going to run the Des Moines Marathon Half with them in October 2015. I thought they were crazy. There was NO WAY I could run 13.1 miles. I mean, I struggled with 3.2 miles, how could I possibly go farther than 4 miles! But as you can see from my previous posts. I did it!

So if your friends are asking you to run a race, it's because they KNOW you can do it. Don't be afraid or let self doubt get in the way. You CAN do it! I know you can.

Tell me, have you signed up for a race? If you are looking for a race in your area check out this site: Eventbrite

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