Wednesday, April 6, 2016

How to train for a race with a busy schedule {Part 2}

I'm here to help motivate, organize your schedule, give guidance and support for your first race. Especially for those with busy schedules.

This is Part 2 to a series...make sure you check out Part 1 here.

Did you do your homework from Part 1? Did you actually write it down with a pen and paper? If not, take the time to do so now and write down:

What three things will motivate you to complete this race?

Did you write three things down? Okay those for later.

My next series of tips will guide you through your race training. One of the factors people don't sign up for a race is motivation and staying motivated. However, the training process is overwhelming. Where do you start, what do you do? HOW do you train? 

These were questions that I had and didn't know how to answer them. I ended up reaching out to friends, posting on social media and private messaging friends who I knew had recently run a marathon. I asked them for resources and links to pages with training schedules. But after looking and looking for something that interested me. I ended up creating my own training schedule that I will share with you. {I will soon put together an online academy of HOW to train for your first race}.

Tips to guide you through race training:

3. Find a training schedule that works for you:
There are many, many, many training schedules out there for races. It can be hard and overwhelming to find the one that fits your running or training style. I highly recommend weight/strength training combined with sprint training and long runs. Check Pinterest or google running magazines. I reached out to friends and ended up creating my own training schedule listed here.

4. Be Consistent:
Once you find a training schedule that fits your needs STICK. TO. IT! Follow your training schedule. Put it in your calendar and be persistent that you will accomplish your training. There will be times when you don't want to exercise and that is okay. You will have good days with training and you will have bad days with training. However, staying consistent and persistent will help you reach your goal. Which leads me to my last tip...

5. Set a goal:
Figure out what you want to accomplish with your goal. Remember those three things you wrote down to keep you motivated? Those are your goals! Your motivation will keep you going to complete the race and set additional goals. Sometimes your goal can be as simple as, "I want to finish the race without walking."

Okay, now your homework: Comment below and tell me if you have committed to a race, where and when it is.

Come back for my final three tips that I will post soon! Also - would you find it helpful to have an online academy to help you walk through each step and HOW to do them? Please comment below and tell me if this would be helpful!

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