Wednesday, September 23, 2015

How to train for a Half Marathon: Beginners training

How to Train for a Half Marathon
A Beginners Guide to Race Training

Have you ever been asked to run a race with someone? It goes like this..."Hey, do you want to run this XX race with me? Come on, you can do it! Do it with me." And your immediate thought is..."If they THINK I CAN do this, I will do this." And you say "YES!"

Then fear sets in as you start to wonder, what did I just get myself into?
  • Crap, I don't like to run.
  • HOW am I going to do this.
  • I can't run that far.
  • Okay, I can do this, I need to find a training plan.
  • Where do I find a training plan?
  • Can I find a training plan that will be realistic?
  • Oh my God, what did I do? Can I do this?
  • Okay, I can do this.

Maybe that is what you have thought, maybe not, but that is what went through my head when I decided to run a half marathon. Something, I always, kinda wanted to do, but never really thought I truly could.

First, I think you should know, I am not an expert in half marathon training. This is my first time ever. But I thought that I could offer you my experience and everything that I have learned as I train for my first half marathon.

Some quick steps before you start to train.

1. Commit to a race:
If you commit to a race, you have a goal in mind. A date. A distance. A timeframe. This commitment will propel you in your training.

2. Believe in yourself:
Everyone will tell you, you can do it. Because you probably can, if you set your mind to it. If you believe in yourself and you have confidence in your training schedule you will get farther than you ever imagined. (see my post about confidence)

3. Find a training plan you can realistically follow:
Find something that works into your schedule. Something you know you can do. If you like cross training, find a plan that has cross training, if you like treadmill options, look for treadmill training. You have to find a training schedule that YOU LIKE to do. For me, I am using Beachbody On Demand. I personally love it because of the variety. I never get bored. If you think you might be interested in this option too, email me at:

4. Be Consistent:
Stick to your training plan. Plain and simple. If you follow your plan as YOU set forth. You WILL reach your goals!


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