Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Green monster shake

My morning routine has been terrible lately.

Stop at Starbucks, order a grande decaf skinny vanilla latte. #atleastitsaskinny

Aaaaand order a lemon loaf, or a sugary scone, or maybe even a pumpkin bread. #sugarrush

Then around 10:00am I crash. Therefore, I have opted for a different breakfast, a Green Monster Smoothie.

First, I do not like protein shakes. I think they all taste like chalk, even the good expensive ones. Second, I was terrified to try this.

Amazingly it's really good and trust me, after reading numerous different recipes, you cannot taste the spinach. Seriously!


3 cups fresh spinach (NOT frozen)
4 cut strawberries
1/2 cut banana
1/2 C. Chobani strawberry greek yogurt
3-4 ice cubes

Cut strawberries and bananas and place in baggies and store in freezer overnight. Place spinach, strawberries, banana, greek yogurt, milk and ice cubes in blender. Blend until mixed together. You can add more milk to your desired consistency. I like it very milky.

What crazy looking shake to you make?

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