Monday, June 24, 2013

Mommy Monday: Swim lessons

Swimming lessons are so important and lately I've been seeing a lot of news stories about the importance of learning to swim.

Therefore, we signed up Kennady for swimming lessons.

She was very excited to go swimming.  She wasn't too excited to meet her teacher or "learn" to swim. But, after a few lessons she was excited to go.

We'll be doing more swimming lessons later this summer and fall.

Do you remember your first swimming lessons?

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  1. omg! Yes it is SO important for kids to know how to swim! We took Carter to the mommy and me classes and he really like being in the water! My first lessons were when I was 2 at the YMCA. I remember it because I found out another girl had the name Rachel and I was really upset that she had stolen my name!

    1. Rachel that's so funny. It's a rare occasion that someone else has my name. I have run into it a lot more as an adult, then when I was a child.

  2. Stopping by from the Mommy Monday link up. We are getting ready to sign our little one up for swim lessons too. She has NO fear of the water even when she goes under. Of course, that freaks me out. I'm sure my little one won't be a fan of a meeting a new teacher, either.

    1. Good luck with swim lessons, they are so fun! Thanks for stopping by!


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