Thursday, April 25, 2013

Living room, room reveal

At long last, here is the living room, room reveal.  I know you've all been waiting for it.

We have crossed off most of our list in this room. We have three things left, curtains, colorful accent pillows and purchasing a live plant. Curtains are going to be the tough one. You can read more about what I am thinking for curtains here.

We have the new rug, purchased lamps, accessorized the bookshelves, wallpapered the bookshelves and added art to the mantle.  We're on a roll!

Here is how I did the bookcases.

 I measured each bookcase by width and height.  You would think that I could've just done this with one cut. However, the wallpaper we purchased was 29" wide, not wide enough for the bookcase which was 30.5". Therefore, I had to cut the wallpaper for each shelf.

After cutting the wallpaper, I pasted the it with wallpaper boarder paste purchased from Sherwin Williams.

Slowly the bookcase started taking on a different look. #wallpaperismessy

It really draws your eye to the mantel and brings everything in this very large room down to eye level. I love the faux succulant plants that are on the mantel, they bring more green in the room and pair nicely with the artwork.

We are in our happy place.

What have you decorated or redecorated lately?


  1. It looks wonderful! Love the built in shelves ad that picture is beautiful! xxx


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