Friday, April 26, 2013

Surrounding yourself with KINDNESS

Our whole family has been so busy lately with work, school, kids activities, volunteer opportunities, daily household chores and basic life in general.

This week, I witnessed an extreme act of KINDNESS that will not be forgotten.

Josh co-coaches our daughters basketball team with another dad. The families of the team put together a season photo book for both coaches. Although it sounds like another digital book, it was so much more.

Josh and I are part of a group of families that have been put together by chance. By the chance that all of these families have girls, by the chance these girls are all the same age, by the chance they like sports, by the chance they have a competitive nature, by the chance they attend the same school. These families fill my heart with goodness.

Nine families that I am so blessed to know and nine families who make me a better person.

What acts of kindness have you witnessed recently?

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