Wednesday, April 3, 2013

April Goals: Completed March Goals

Recap of previous monthly goals:

Here I am again, checking off some more monthly goals.  Remember that lambs wool duster casually laying in the closet? here

I put him to good use for my March goals by making a lovely DIY extended chandelier duster. Complete with duct tape, a broom and a bar stool chair, I was able (rather, Josh was able) to dust our living room chandelier. Hey, it got the job done, and I marked cleaning/dusting indoor light fixtures off the March Goals list.

  April Goals

I guess that leads me to April's goals. I'm going to keep April pretty light, kids are busy with sports this time of year.  Here goes:
  • Start planning kids summer schedule
  • Create landscaping list and outdoor organization
  • Start outdoor uplighting on house
  • Organize kids closets to prepare for spring/summer clothes
  • Call company to clean carpets
  • Buy Mother's Day gifts/cards

Completed March Goals

  • Organize Sawyer's bathroom, especially under the sink. (didn't do under the sink, but did on top of the sink, that is close enough)
  • Clean/dust indoor light fixtures.
  • Buy Easter outfits for kids (two out of three ain't so bad)
  • Make list and purchase items for Easter baskets
  • Keep decorating living room (Look for updated decorating post coming soon!)
What are you organizing or cleaning this spring?

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