Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New March goals and completed February goals

I apologize in advance for another slightly boring "goals" blog post. I just can't help it, writing these posts, and having you all read them, me on task!

I can't believe that March is here, this year is going so fast! Baseball and softball season are going to be here before we know it. Maybe for some of you it's all ready here, if you live in warmer weather. 

In Iowa we seem to keep getting snow storm after snow storm. I don't mind it, I like the snow. However, this weather has been preventing me from completing some projects that are on my list that require spray painting. I just won't spray paint in the house, not even in the garage, because the residue gets on everything. Those projects will have to wait until this spring or any weather that comes with 56+ degree temps.

Anyway on to my March goals:

March Goals

  • Organize Sawyer's bathroom, especially under the sink.
  • Clean/dust indoor light fixtures.
  • Buy Easter outfits for kids
  • Make list and purchase items for Easter baskets
  • Keep decorating living room (Look for updated decorating post coming soon!)

February's Goals were pretty easy and I was able to get the baseboards clean in two days. I used a microfiber rag and a liberal amount of Pledge. The rooms that needed it the most were the bathrooms, toilet paper dust collects everywhere.

I cleaned the laundry room closet in an hour. Here are some before, during and after pics.

Let's start from top to bottom. Ahhh, the bags on the upper shelf drive me crazy every time I open the door. Their handles get stuck in the coat hangers when you try to hang up your coat. They fall down and the kids can't reach them. The hanging coats are fine, but we have so much space in our front closet, I moved half of the coats to that closet so we had room to hang the life jackets.  AND look at the mess on the floor. It is all of our swimming stuff, towels, beach bag, life jackets - oh - and a lambs wool duster thrown in for fun.

The bags needed a new home and the Target drawers below were a perfect location. Now the kids can reach what they need and it's just more organized, simple as that.  I even added labels to the drawers so the kids don't shove random items in the drawers. #likethatisreallygoingtohappen

Ahhh...clean closet. Folded towels ready for summer, hanging life jackets, and winter coats all married happily together, makes sense right?  This closet will have another overhaul in the spring/summer, I'm sure of it.

February Goals

  • Prepare for taxes (I laugh a little at this, because I don't do much. Josh does it all.)
  • Clean all baseboards
  • Schedule annual Dr. exams/physicals for myself
  • Organize laundry room closet
  • (Deferred until warmer weather) Finish Sidney's wall art collage in her room
  • Start decorating in living room (specifically, under the stairs) Look for post coming soon!
Are you tired of all my closet cleaning posts?  Don't worry, I've got some fun projects up my sleeve in the future. A new living room, room board, map artwork and more.

Are you organizing closets lately? What kind of storage do you use?


  1. Organzing 31 style! LOVE!

    1. I LOVE the 31 Organizing Utility tote. A must have for any one! I have two, one for cleaning supplies and one to use for kids sports.


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