Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Decorating the living room. We got a table, we need a lamp.

The decorating process seems to drag on and on. Buy something here, buy something there. Save a little money here, save a little money there. If you remember here our living room is our biggest challenge. Slowly we are buying furniture and filling the room with decorations.

We bought a table for under the stairs. It was a great find! We went shopping in Des Moines at Homemakers. There were so many to chose from, but we stumbled upon this in the clearance section. Originally $299 marked down over 60% and an additional 10% off. Bonus!

What I originally wanted from Ballard Designs cost $329 - $399 plus shipping and tax. It's beautiful right? But the sizes were off and we thought it may be a little too heavy for the room.

We weren't crazy about the silver knobs. A little to modern for our transitional/traditional room. So we found some extra kitchen knobs and switched 'em out.

Now it's just a little more subtle don't ya think? We are slowing adding decorations. Now I'm on the hunt for a fun lamp. I found a really awesome website where you can design your own lamp.

Here are some decorations that we are slowly adding.  I'll keep you all updated with more decorating photos as we go.

I have a couple DIY projects that I want to showcase on this table. I'm sure you will see those projects pop up on this blog some time in the future.

What is your favorite lamp? Do you have any lamp shops that you love?

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