Thursday, February 21, 2013

Awesome Apps: iPhone photography

I have discovered some really fun camera apps for the iPhone. I just had to share them with you. I found these great apps because of blogger Grumbles & Grunts. Admittedly, she is a much better photographer than I. Practice makes perfect!

original source

Camera+ is a great app for focusing and controlling exposure.

You can touch the screen where you want to focus and you can use a second touch to control the exposure. The second touch exposure tool basically adjusts the lighting of the photo.

original source

 Afterglow is a great app for filters. The possibilities are endless. You can add filters on top of filters, which most camera apps don't allow you do to. This one is really fun!

Both apps are $0.99 and well worth it. Camera plus does have a free version, but not as good.

Here are some photos I took using both of these apps.  Yes, I know I still have a LOT of work to perfect my photography skillz, but I had to share these. Can't wait to get some outside shots, c'mon Iowa weather, help me out with this!

 Black and White filter

Cropping filter

Faded filter

Retro filter

Adjusting saturation, highlights and shadows. Also cropped.

Sun kissed filter with right side filter overlay

Cropping and texture filter

 Cropping and left filter overlay

If you want more instruction on how to use your camera on your iPhone there is now a 4-week class. All online through Photojojo University. I haven't tried it, but thought I would share it.

Do you take photos with your iPhone or phone? What apps do you use?

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