Monday, March 26, 2012

Thumb sucking habit is hard to stop

We have a thumbsucker in the house. I won't say who, but she is 9 and has been doing this for a very long time. She started when she was a baby as a soothing mechanism while also twirling her hair. Two things we can't take away, her hair and her thumb. Now I really wish we used a pacifier.

I personally am very sympathetic to thumbsucking, because I sucked my thumb until 1st grade. Our thumbsucker tends to suck her thumb while in the car, watching TV and at bedtime.  But this has gotten out of control and we have seriously tried everything we can think of positive reinforcement, charts, gifts, surprises, money, nail polish, games.  We even went to the dentist to have a permanent "tool" put in her mouth.  We decided against the mouth "tool" due to outrageous costs to have it made and inserted. We just recently purchased the Thumbguard online and I hope that it works.

The Thumbguard arrived in the mail today she was excited to get it and try it on, but when bedtime hit her entire attitude came unglued. She lost it. I've never seen her so upset with herself, disappointed, ashamed and frustrated. It was so hard to watch.  All I could do was hug her and assure her that this is a habit and habits are very hard to break.

Night #1 is done. Here's to a month of the Thumbguard and kicking the habit. Wish us all luck, we could use it!

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