Thursday, March 29, 2012

My sugar addiction: one day without refined sugar

Please NOTE: This was an unscientific study.

I recently read online that the USDA wants to regulate refined sugar because they want to label sugar as a toxin.  This lead me to start reading more articles about sugar. I know that you shouldn't believe everything you read online, but it did make me start to think about my sugar intake. Now, I'm a sugar addict, no joke. I love sugar, I could eat it with a spoon. However, to clear up any confusion, I don't get the sugar out of the cupboard and eat it with a spoon, but if I am baking, I will eat the sugar. Doesn't everybody?

I was talking with friends last night about whether they crave sugar or salt.  It was a 50/50 response. Those of us that like the sugar said that we will search our house high and low to find some sugar to fulfill our craving. If we don't have any sugar or chocolate in the house my go to sugar/chocolate snack is bananas with Hersey's chocolate sauce. Yum! And then I lick the bowl, no really, I do!

I believe that I could eat healthier and so could my family.  So I decided to have a day without refined sugar.  It's so hard to turn down ice cream on a sunny day, or chocolate at 2:00 in the afternoon but we'll see how I do.

This was a hard task because refined sugar is in almost everything.  Revision: I'm decreasing my refined sugar intake for one day.

My daily journal:

6:00am - Water

7:45am - Plain bagel with peanut butter (I know, I know, peanut butter has a lot of sugar)
                Decaf coffee with skim milk

10:30am - Water (I'm doing ok, right now and not craving any sugar)

11:38am - Water (I'm still doing great and I'm not really hungry)

12:21pm - Deli sandwich, Turkey & mayo on bread
                  Chiobani Vanilla yogurt (which was expired so I didn't eat it)
                  All natural apple sauce
                  Hard boiled egg with dash of salt
                  Clementine (Oh my darling)

3:20pm - Small handful of soybeans

6:00pm - Gyro meat, salad

8:00pm - Water

Wow, I made it through the day without any refined sugar.  I didn't even crave sugar, in fact I started craving healthy foods and lots of water.  I feel like I was craving water because I was eating a lot of salt/sodium instead.

I didn't think that this was a big deal at all, however, the next morning I went right back to my sugar intake. *sigh* Maybe I need to go buy some more will power.

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