Monday, March 5, 2012


Reality TV has really inspired people to extreme coupon. While I have tried to "coupon" I can't say it's extreme by any means.  I print online coupons and just the coupons that I will NEED. However, so many people have started blogging about coupons, couponing and saving money.

This has really intrigued me because our most recent trip to the grocery store was overwhelmingly over priced. I think we spent $90 for maybe three bags of food.  So ridiculous, right?  Well, we didn't use a single coupon either, so that is our fault.

I get short of breath thinking of clipping all of these coupons, saving them for the right time, organizing them and then shopping. So I'm going to try this my way. I'll keep you all informed on how much I saved, spent and the time it took me.

So far just finding the coupons and printing them has taken over an hour. I feel like my time is more important than researching the coupons and clipping them.  Hopefully this will get quicker with time.

I'm just going to focus on using coupons at Target right now.  Why Target? Because they have online coupons that match up with the manufacturer's coupons.  I can use the Target coupon and the manufacturer's coupon at the same time which is called "coupon stacking" (I just learned that today, by the way). At Target I also have the Target RedCard where I receive 5% off my entire purchase.

Target website with online, printable coupons

I just hope that I can stick to my groceries at Target.  We all know how quickly a cart can fill up at Target.  I will have to use all of my will power to stick to the list!

Happy shopping!

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