Thursday, March 1, 2012

Defy Design

I really like to push the envelope a little when it comes to the COST of decorating.  Now, don't get me wrong, I totally have champagne taste but I won't say I have a beer budget, well, because, I WILL spend the money on decorating when it's needed.  When I say needed, I mean there is no way physically possible that I can do it myself. I get so excited when I find a "solution" to a project I have in mind that will save me money and I mean $100's.  If something is going to save me $20, I would rather just buy the item. It would probably cost me more in gas to drive around trying to solve the $20 issue anyway.

I have this vision - which is scary in itself. When I get a vision, I have to follow through with it. It is a must and it is usually because my vision is perfect - of course. ha! No, really it is! Well, perfect for me anyway.

My current vision in our house is to decorate the bottom of our staircase. There is a little nook that I have the perfect "look" selected. I've wanted this bench from Ballard Designs.  I WILL purchase this bench soon (see no bargain here), it is the perfect size for our nook. Well maybe I can score a 15% or 10% off, if I hit their website deals just right.
Ballad Designs Dorchester 2-seat bench

I wanted to put a VERY over sized art picture above this. Picking a specific art picture is so hard! But so is finding a VERY large art print.  Who knew?  I wanted it to fit us, as a family, tell a little about us and not be some random picture that just fits the space. When I was in Zgallerie I saw this amazing text print of Chicago streets.  I thought, that is perfect!  I'm from the Chicagoland area, we got married in the Chicagoland area.  But the picture is $379 and would have to be shipped AND I don't know if I LOVED it.  It didn't have the streets that I really knew or that were personal to us.  But, I was still going to purchase it.  I kept looking at it online - it even went on sale for 20% off.  I still didn't buy it.  I just thought geesh $379 is a lot of money.

Zgallerie Chicago print

Then a light bulb went off.  I can totally make this myself, duh.  I'm a graphic designer I can design this.  Oh yes I can!

The process has begun and I'm so excited.  Even Josh loves the personal design.  I still need to find the right frame - and if I can't find the right frame size - I'll just adjust the design image.  Love that I can just adjust as needed! Now I'm off to find a 32 x 60 frame!  Yes, it's that BIG!

Custom designed street sign by ME - Renee Hansen

I will post pictures of the complete project. But if you love this too, I would totally do one for you at any size!  I may charge a small fee for my time, but I just hope you love it as much as I do.  AND it's so us.  I just had to share.


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