Thursday, March 8, 2012

Couponing isn't fun!

Here is my Couponing follow up:

Dear Extreme Couponers,

UGH! And I say ugh with MAJOR Capitalization! Couponing sucks, or maybe just getting started with couponing sucks.  I have spent numerous hours searching, printing and organizing coupons.  I've looked online at coupon databases. I've made lists and stuck only to my list when shopping and I only saved 32% off my total bill. WHAT?!?  Is this even worth my time? Am I doing this right?

Here's the thing that gets me: The extreme couponers say that they SAVED XX amount of money, but what they don't tell you is what they ACTUALLY paid at the register.  Yes, they may have received some cash back rewards or gift cards for their purchases, but those cards shouldn't be added to their savings on that particular trip. They can use those cards for their next trip to the store, yes.  I guess what I am saying is I don't like their math, it's not realistic. Also, on a coupon website the database stated that one of the items I was getting was a different price and that it should be FREE.  Well I ended up paying $1.99 for something that I probably wouldn't have purchased.  I don't have the time to stand at the store and do the math with a calculator.  I want the information presented to me to be right the first time so I don't have to guess.

I went to Target, mainly because I have a Target RedCard which automatically saves me 5% every time I shop.  I did my research about what was on sale and what I could get. Plus, we're headed on spring break and we needed some snack items that we normally don't get. To top it off the Target clerk was looking at the coupons with a fine tooth comb, which made me feel like I was doing something wrong.

My thoughts with couponing is that people will purchase TONS of things that they don't need or use.  I guess that couponing isn't for the "brand-loyal" folks (which I am). I am NOT going to buy a ton of stuff that I don't need and I'm NOT going to start hoarding junk (or what I call junk) in my basement by the bulk.

I just want to save a little money on the items that I do need and I was hoping for more of a savings than 32%.   

I may give this another shot, but I'm exhausted.

About to give up

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