Monday, May 2, 2016

Cracking the code to owning your schedule

Is your schedule running your life or are you running your schedule? Tips to organize your schedule and your life.

You guys! I've finally cracked the code to organizing my day. Every morning I wake up and exercise (I'm sure you know that by now). But I've finally, finally figured out a pattern to make my day feel like I own it! Whew, what a great feeling! 

Do you ever feel like your calendar is taking over your life?

Do you sit in meetings thinking of all the things you need to get done or people you need to contact?

Does your desk look like this...

Do you find yourself thinking about all the things you might forget?

Are you worried about trying to get so much done and not enough time?

Are you constantly worried about forgetting something?

Are you on your phone all the time checking email or your calendar, social media over and over and over again?

Are you impatient and short with people, co-workers, your family, trying to get it all in?

Do you make list upon list upon list and never get them done?

Do you like the feeling of crossing of a tasks on a to-do list?

Do you write down a task you've finished just to cross it off? ha!

Guess what? Me too! But I've figured out a way to crack the code to owning your schedule and owning your life!!! The feeling is amazing, exhilarating, and you get so much more done!

Download your sheet NOW!

With help from Brendon Burchard and Day Designer, as well as my own personal spin this sheet has been a HUGE blessing to cracking to code to owning my day and NOT letting my email inbox own me! Filling out this sheet every morning is a breath of fresh air. I now control my day! I get to work on MY projects first, I reach out to people with what I need from them instead of finishing project for others. 

Is my day always refreshing, no, there is still chaos. But I feel better, more accomplished, more rested and I have tackled my day according to ME!

I will develop more posts to help explain HOW to use this sheet and what to do in each section so YOU can own YOUR day too!

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