Wednesday, March 30, 2016

How to train for a race with a busy schedule

I'm here to help motivate, organize your schedule, give guidance and support for your first race. Especially for those with busy schedules.

I bet you've stumbled across this page because somewhere in the back of your head you are thinking about running a race. It's something that you've either never done, or you are afraid to commit to. Or you simply don't have the TIME!

If you have read some of my previous posts you may see that too am busy. I am a wife, a mom of three very active, busy kids with full-throttle schedules, I work full-time outside of the home with a job that requires a lot of travel and 24 hour access via email and cell phone. I have very little time to myself. Even I was able to do this and I want to share with you HOW I did it with simple and quick tips.

I completed my first half marathon in October 2015. Friends told me over and over again, "you can totally run a half!" For some reason, I didn't believe them. I'm not a runner, it's not something that I love to do, and it's not something that I'm good at. Therefore, since I'm not good at it, why do it, right? But, as you can see from my previous posts (Here, here and here). I DID do it! And I killed it!

It took me a while to go through the race training process and figure it all out. I did a lot of research and asked a lot of questions to friends who have run multiple races. I learned so much during my training and the race. And since I received a lot of great information, I want to share what I learned with you.

There are steps that I took to reach my goals. Processes I put in place. Systems. Training. Support. So now I can share this with you. All the race training tips, resources and support all in one spot. I didn't know where to start and HOW to start when my friends asked me to race with them. I had never done it before. And that was my biggest hurdle, HOW to get started.

I bet you are struggling with a decision to race or not. Something is holding you back, yet you kinda-want to do this! It's a life-long goal of yours, but you're too afraid. You're not sure of yourself, not sure if you can run that far. Running isn't your passion, you can do it, but you're not good at it. Yet everyone around you is telling you, you are completely capable of completing this. And deep, deep down you know you can, you just don't know where and HOW to start.

I'm here to tell you, you CAN do this! If I can do this, you can do this! Which leads me to my first tips:

1. Believe in yourself:
You may not think you can actually do it. You may love to exercise, but you don't really like to run. These were all the reasons it took me over 20 years to complete my first half marathon. Ugh! Why did it take so long? 

2. Train with a partner:
Train with someone who will push you. It doesn't have to be someone that lives near you. You will need that person to talk with and share you experience with. This is really important!

3. Commit to a race:
Yes, pay the money, push sign-up now, push register, actually commit! This will give you a timeline, an end date to reach your goals. You have to commit or you'll never do it. What are you waiting for...go register for that race now!

Now take out a pen and paper....I'm waiting...really do this, not on your phone, a real pen and paper and write down: What three things will motivate you to complete this race?

Now post those comments below in this blog post! I want to see you really did the homework.

Stay tuned for more tips coming soon...

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