Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Teacher appreciation gift

Our youngest just "graduated" from Preschool this week.  It's hard to believe she is growing up so fast. It's hard to believe school is almost out, summer is here!

This means it's time to start scrambling for the end of year teacher gifts.  I am doing a couple different ideas this year. Like usual, I get most of my ideas from Pinterest.

However, the Preschool teacher gift, I came up with, by myself. It's a mixture of many ideas on Pinterest.  I really wanted to give Sweet Basil as a gift. I had no idea how hard it would be to find!

When I got this idea, I was so excited. I wanted to have a cute little chalkboard sign and a Caprese Salad recipe attached.  As it turned out, I had to go to four stores to find sweet basil. FOUR stores!

I ended up settling for a 4" pot of basil. That is all I could find.  It was a nice size for basil and I thought I would split it, since I needed two for two preschool teachers.

I found the white square pots at Walmart and had the other items from planting flowers on Mother's Day.

After carefully splitting and planting the sweet basil, I ran to Hobby Lobby to find some chalkboard paint and wood stars. Then I printed out the Caprese Salad recipe.

The chalkboard paint takes 24 hours to cure. So I painted the stars from Hobby Lobby, let them cure overnight, and put the finishing touches on in the morning.

I think it turned out pretty cute. I hope the teachers really do appreciate their gifts!

Cost breakdown:
  • Walmart pots $6.49/ea = $12.98
  • Sweet Basil 4" pot = $4.99
  • Stars $1.47/ea = $2.94
  • Chalkboard paint $4.99 (minus 40% off coupon) = $3

What ideas do you have for teacher gifts?

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