Thursday, March 21, 2013

I love geometrics! Throwback post

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It is Spring Break in our neck of the woods and since I am gone I thought I would do a "throwback" post that is one of MY favorite projects.

Have I mentioned lately that I love geometric patterns? I do, and they are starting to find their happy place in our home.

I did this Quadrefoil wall art over a year ago, it was so simple and it makes a huge statement in our room.  It's even one of the pieces in our room board. (can you tell, I'm leading up to a BIG room reveal post soon?)

I would love to enhance the quadrefoil art with some fabric down the road.  Just need to find the right fabric. Thinking this, this, this or this for a few, too many choices!

Quadrefoil Throwback:

I'm so excited that this project is finally finished! I found the tutorial online at:

This took me about three weekends to complete. I have to say that I tried to spray paint them, but I was doing this in Iowa in December and January (and the weather was very mild). But to spray paint the weather needs to be 50 degrees or above and I didn't want to do this in the garage OR in the house, so the best option was glossy paint.

It still turned out great!

Here they are all finished

Kennady wanted to help.

 One is up!
Here is Josh putting up the last one! Sorry for the butt shot honey!

Almost done!

The finished product!

I love this so much!  I was going to get these:
from Ballard Design for $119/ea. AND I needed six of them, plus I would have to paint them.

This project cost me around $50!


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