Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Need a last minute gift idea? DIY a monogram board

How is Christmas just around the corner? With the hustle and bustle of the holidays, I always seem to forget a gift for one person. Why does this happen? Every year I make a list of all the people I need to buy gifts for including family, teachers, Sunday school teachers, bus driver, etc. Some how there is always someone on the list missing and I need a gift, quick!

This gift is so easy to make and will only take you about an hour or less. The total cost: $10 max and you will get multiple monograms out of one 1 x 8 board.

What you need:
(1) 1 x 8 board (length depends on how many you want to make)
Background paint of your choice
Monogram paint of your choice
Paint brush
Cardstock paper
Sawtooth hanger

I gave this gift to four of my coworkers. They thought I purchased them!

Start with a 1 x 8 wood board, or any sized board of your choice.  You may have some scrap wood laying around.  The rougher the better.  A 1 x 8 board really has a width of 7.25".

Cut your board with a saw, circular or jigsaw work best, but a hand saw will work too.  I measured my board to be square, then cut the wood with a circular saw.

Paint your board with the background color of your choice. I decided on black acrylic paint that I already had on hand.

The great thing about acrylic paint is that it dries fast.  I painted all four boards and by the time I was done painting the fourth board the first board was dry.

Next print out a capital letter on cardstock paper. I used Garamond font for this project. Then cut out the letter. This will be the most time consuming part of your project.

Center your hand cut stencil over your board and prepare your paint color and brush to paint the letter onto the board.  While using a stencil brush technique, paint the board, I did this for the burlap banner too.

 Carefully lift your paper to reveal your monogram.

It's okay if there are imperfections because you are going to distress the board with sandpaper.

Don't forget to add the sawtooth hanger to the back, just in case they want to hang your monogram board masterpiece.

See how easy that was?  I know you can do this and with only 60 minutes of your time, you can do four.

Another quick and simple idea is to make homemade caramel. This salted caramel sauce recipe was delish, you have to try it.

 What are some of your last minute gift ideas?

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