Thursday, December 13, 2012

My holiday wish-list

Can you believe that Christmas is almost here?  We have been decorating our house and it looks so festive. My burlap themed Christmas has been a success. Now we just have to complete our Christmas shopping, I really hope to be done with that soon.

Speaking of lists, doesn't everyone in your family ask, "what do you want for Christmas?" Lately I feel I have struggled with the answers for a Christmas list. It seems, nowadays, we buy what we need, when we need it.

I've seen a couple other holiday lists on other blogs and I thought, I should do that. Too late for family to utilize it, but fun none the less. Yes, I am totally being a copy cat with this idea.  But it got my sparks flying and below is what I came up with. I can't say these are budget items, or necessities, just things that I would like someday.

Are you seeing a theme here? Me too, and it was completely unintentional! I should call this my silver and pink wish list. That sounds fun! I should come up with a green and navy wish list, a yellow and red wish list...I could go on and on.

  1. A new hat.  I need a new winter hat and this cute pink knitted hat from Target would go perfect with my black winter coat. Plus, I love pink. $10.39 at Target.
  2. 75-300mm Cannon lens. I love taking pictures and I could really use a new lens. The thing I love most about taking pictures is capturing the memories, and digitally enhancing the images in Photoshop. The highest priced item on my wishlist at a whopping $200.
  3. How have Josh and I been married this long (14 years) and we don't have a waffle iron? Isn't that a typical wedding gift? Plus, our whole family loves waffles. Prices range, but generally they are around $39.99.
  4. Oh Starbucks, how I love thee. It is seriously an addiction, I tell ya. This travel mug would be perfect and I wouldn't be wasting all those paper cups every day. This mug is only $10.95...which leads to #5.
  5. An espresso maker with a milk steamer. I would totally make my own coffee in the morning. So much cheaper. I really need this, I do. This Cuisinart model is around $99.
  6. I enjoy exercising and a 25 lb. kettle bell is something that would be beneficial to my workouts. Oh yes it would. Kettle bells range in cost due to weight, this could easily cost $40.
  7. Color me pink! This NorthFace jacket is just what I need this winter to attend the kids basketball games. It makes and easy outfit with jeans and a scarf. This coat is around $120.
There it is, my holiday wish-list, a bunch of stuff I don't really NEED, but items that would be fun to have.

Although, these are some items on my list, I am most excited to give this holiday season.

What are you excited to get this year?  Or what are you excited to give?

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