Thursday, June 7, 2012

Cleaning: My new friend White Distilled Vinegar

We all have those tricky, stubborn, cleaning dilemmas, don't we?

We've only lived in our house for a year and a half, and I'm a neat freak, but I still have some tricky and sticky cleaning issues. Some how I stumbled upon numerous ways to clean with White Distilled Vinegar. After building our patio {here}, our house has been neglected and needed a nice deep cleaning.

The refrigerator water tray is a white mess. I have tried all kinds of cleaning solutions to get the lime deposits off. Guess what works?  White Distilled Vinegar. Just soak for 5 minutes and wipe away.

We use a High Efficiency washing machine and ever since we got it, it seems that our towels smell funny. Guess what fixes that? Plus, smelly sponges, wash cloths or sweaty clothes? White Distilled Vinegar. Yup, just lay your smelly item in water and add about 1/4 Cup White Distilled Vinegar, then wash as usual.

Sticky scissors?  A few seconds in White Distilled Vinegar and they are clean and easy to use again.

I clean our shower every other week (maybe not enough for some of you). The mold is starting to form in the corners, despite my harsh cleansers. Yup, you guessed it, White Distilled Vinegar fixed that too! Mix equal parts Dawn dish soap (must be the blue kind) with HOT White Distilled Vinegar, put in spray bottle, and spray in moldy and soap scum areas.

Eww, I don't know what my kids do during lunch, but somehow their lunch boxes come home a mess. Just pour about 2 Tbsp. White Distilled Vinegar, swish around and use a paper towel to wipe off. Rinse with water.

Gross, I know! Our three year-old is potty trained, but she still wears an overnight diaper to bed.  Sometimes she even goes though the diaper.  On her bed she has a mattress protector.  However, she slept with her big sister, who does NOT have the mattress protector, and you guessed it, she got the bed wet. I put White Distilled Vinegar on the wet area and sprinkled Baking Soda over the vinegar. (well maybe I POURED baking soda, I wanted to make sure it worked.) When it dries vacuum off the mattress.

Now that the weather is getting warmer (I don't know if the weather has anything do to with this) our garbage disposal smells. White Distilled Vinegar ice cubes fixed that!

Spring and summer have arrived and it's time to clean the windows.  Yuck, who really wants to clean windows?  I'm going to use White Distilled Vinegar, I hear it works.  But, that's a project for another day. *procrastination*

What is your "go-to" cleaning solution?

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