Thursday, April 26, 2012

How to make: A Monogrammed Label

Monogramming and personalizing gift items are really HOT right now. You can personalize ANYTHING!  It adds a special touch for the recipient, and it's so simple.

Items you need:
8.5 x 11 full sheet labels
Microsoft Word
Gift bag or other optional items to put your label on

Right click on the above image and select "Copy Image."

Open Word.

Open a new document.

Right click on the new document and select "Paste Image." Size the circle image to preferred size. I usually do a 5 inch circle.

To create a letter in the circle, click on "Text Box."

Click on the circle image to drop your text box on the image. When you do this it may look like a white box covers up the circle image.

You have to go to the Format Tab, select "Wrap Text." Under Wrap Text, choose "In Front of Text."

Now make sure that your text box doesn't have a boarder or a background color.

Select your Font and type a letter.  Size it REALLY BIG! Select a color for your font.

Now you're ready to print on to your labels.

Labels can be purchased at Staples, Target or Walmart.

After you print, cut the outline of the circle and stick to your item.

Use the circle design for wedding labels, hang tags, toothpick labels, swizzle sticks, a birthday banner, baby showers and birthday parties.  Print out labels and put on little metal buckets or plastic sand buckets purchased at Hobby Lobby as a party favor or a table centerpiece.

You could use this as a T-shirt design too and print on iron-on fabric transfer paper. (A great idea for babies, big or little sisters and brothers too!) You can make the circle any size so the possibilities are endless.

So quick, so simple and so CUTE!

If you do use this design as a project, all I ask is that you comment and let me know how and what you used it for, or please refer a link to my blog. 

I give these designs out to help make things quick and easy for you, my readers. Thanks!


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  1. Great template! I can't wait to try it out...what a great way to jazz up a 99 cent bag!


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