Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The evolution of a room. We got (another) new rug!

Decorating a room can drag on and on and on. There can be a beginning, a middle and end to the evolution of a room, especially with some direction.

What happens when you don't have direction? You end up purchasing a rug, returning a rug, purchasing a rug, returning a rug, purchasing a rug, returning a rug, and then again purchasing a rug. Yup, we're on our fourth rug!

Remember my post about style? Although the contest is closed, I touched a little on our style, Traditional with a lot of Transitional thrown in. I didn't realize this was my style until just recently, hence the four rugs and a new room board.

When we started building our house we knew what we wanted the room to look like, the windows, the trim around the windows, the fireplace, the mantel and the bookcases. However, we never thought about what the room would look like decorated. It never even crossed my mind, strange for me, I know. I was so focused on the walls, trim and fireplace that I didn't think about sitting in here with furniture and snuggling my babes by the fire.

Then we moved in, two days before Christmas.

I admit we were very, very hasty with our first rug purchase. We wanted a rug and we wanted it now, problem #1. We went rug shopping to numerous places and couldn't find what we wanted. I wanted something fun, free, swirly and light colored (what was my style again? That's right, I didn't know, problem #2.)  We ended up with what Josh calls the "Hawaiian rug."

Sorry the pictures are so terrible, I couldn't find a clear picture of the rug in the room. #eastermorningchaos

Rug #1 was purchased from Lowes, we did like it, but it wasn't working. We ended up taking it back in less than six months because we found rug #2.

I saw this Potterybarn Henley Taupe rug and thought it was "us." A classic style rug, very basic with a nice darker color boarder. Josh called this rug the "plain boring rug."

Although, you can't see it in the photo, we used green accents and had green pillows that we used in our old house. But, we were tired of the green and wanted a change. (What change? What style? Exactly, I still didn't know!)

The main reason we ended up getting rid of the Henley rug was because it shed like crazy. I mean this rug was everywhere in our house. You couldn't sit down without getting up and having half the rug on you. Luckily, no one in our family has severe allergies, but the shredding rug was just plain annoying aaaaaand we liked it, but we didn't love it. And rug #2 was then returned.

Again, another Potterybarn rug was talking to us, rug #3. (don't worry we did research about the shedding on the next rug). 

The next rug we purchased was the Brandon rug, it is beautiful, the colors are so rich and warm, I knew it was for us. Josh called this rug the "southwestern rug."

This time I decided we needed a plan, and made a room board.

This room board helped. Like. A. LOT. We followed the color scheme, bought pillows and even the lamps. I made the quadrefoil wall art here. We thought we were on the right path. We liked it, but we didn't love it. (are you sensing a pattern?)

Don't worry we found the perfect rug and this time it's staying. Josh calls this rug, "the Josh and Renee rug," because it fits us. It's light colored, it's simple, it has texture and dimension, it's swirly (kinda), plain and simple its just us.

Again, it is a Potterybarn rug, the scroll tile rug in mocha. We love it, and it's staying for good.

The new rug led to a new room board (below). We have been decorating lately according to our new room board, which is so fresh and lively. #wefoundourstyle

We have so many new decorations to show you. Are you bummed you didn't get a room reveal today? Sorry, it will come soon!

Do you have a style, what is it? Are you Traditional, Transitional, Modern?


  1. I love that rug! It's gorgeous!!

    Thanks for linking up with Kenz and I for {too cute!} Tuesday :)

  2. I do love that rug. It's funny how a rug really ties the room together. ;)

  3. Love, love, loveeeeee that rug! And your blog is simply adorable! I just followed you via Bloglovin', too! :)

    Thanks so much for linking up my dear! XO!

    1. Thanks Kenzie! will follow back! :) Renee


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