Friday, July 13, 2012

How to keep your kids busy this summer: duct tape

Oh my gosh the title of this post just cracks me up! No I will not be discussing how to duct tape your children but rather HOW to keep them busy WITH duct tape crafts.

Our nine year old spent four hours, yes I said FOUR HOURS, working on duct tape crafts.

Here is what she made.

A crossbody purse. Completely stylish in the zebra print.

You can't forget the wallet that goes with it.

Complete with drivers license and fake money.

Flip flops really?  I totally laughed when she showed me these.
Hilarious, and she wears them. Regularly!

She even made hair bows for her little sister.
Some how the bows are missing, just like every other bow we have.
 No surprise there.

She Googled how to  make everything on
Amazing what you find on YouTube!

 What have you made with duct tape?

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