Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year, Bears Game and Hippies

We had a great New Year's celebrated with friends in Ames. We had to wake up very early to get to Minneapolis for the Bears vs. Vikings game that had a noon kick off.
We had everything packed in the car the night before.  Every computer device we owned, swim suits, pjs, underwear, Bears jerserys.  However, we forgot to put shoes on Kennady.  Oops!  Nothing like a run to Target when your in a hurry.  Luckily we found shoes in less than 10 minutes AND knew of a Target right off the interstate in Lakeville, MN.

The game was so much fun, the kids were so great.  We watched the Bears win!  I think we only got out of our seats to go to the bathroom maybe 5 times, no make that 6 times, ok it was really probably 10 times.  And that doesn't include the snack runs we made too!

We went to dinner with some friends from Ames, and some "tag-alongs" too.  Hey - anything spontaneous is fun right?!?  The "tag-alongs" were people that we just met, but had kids the same age.  This made for a very enjoyable dinner, because the kids were completely entertained.

Grant, Jack (new friend) and Sawyer

Kennady, Sidney & Casey (new friend)
 We ended up surprising the kids and did Priceline and got a $50 hotel room at the Radission by the Mall of America, which has the Nation's largest water park attached to it.  Wow, we had fun and really tired the kids out.  We will go back, for sure!

Tonight at the dinner table Sawyer called Kennady a hippie.  I asked Sawyer if he knew what a Hippie was.  "Yes, it is a person that is a dork."  I told him, "No a hippie is a person from the 70's, that liked world peace and always said 'Peace man.'" He then informed me that our cab driver in Minneapolis was a hippie because he gave Sawyer the peace sign when we left the cab. We laughed at that, but he may be right, the cab driver may have had a little to much fun in the 70's, and was a little strange or as Sawyer would say, a dork.

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