Thursday, December 22, 2011

Getting ready for Christmas

Only 4 days until Christmas and the kids are excited.  We are in full swing with believing in Santa and our Elf on the Shelf, Max.

The kids get up every morning looking for Max.  I think that they get discouraged if he isn't doing something fun.  Hey - this is Josh and my first year of having an elf. We are trying our best.  I think the most creative things that Max has done is, playing cards, playing candyland, pulling a sleigh with toy horses, hanging from the Christmas tree with Woody and Jessie. I think those are pretty clever!

Sidney is 9 and I keep thinking that she'll figure it all out. This morning she asked me if she could sleep in the living room on Christmas Eve night so she can peek at Santa. I told her no.  I like her still believing in Santa, it's really fun for the parents. 

Sawyer wants a skateboard from Santa and we told him that Santa only buys "safe" gifts for kids.  We hope he isn't upset when he gets a new bike.

Kennady keeps saying that Max is silly, cool and awesome.  I don't think she really understands why Max is here. But I'm sure she'll figure it out next year.

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