Thursday, July 7, 2016

Stop doubting yourself: Push past barriers

Put doubts aside. Stop questioning everything you are doing and keep moving forward.

Are you a doubter?

Do you doubt everything? do you doubt everybody? Do you doubt that I’m speaking to you about some inpriations goals and needs and information? Do you always doubt people? Do you doubt yourself?

I’m not talking about being pessimistic. I’ll tell you today, I was working on projects and I doubted that I could get them finished. It was hard to move forward because I was working on something that was tedious, and I didn’t want keep continuing I wanted to quit. I was doubting myself that I could actually finish.

I feel some people grow up that way, that parents don’t think that their child isn’t going to complete something so the parent will do it for them. They are doubting the fact that their child or themselves can actually complete something or do it or finish it.

So are you a doubter? Do you doubt other people? Do you think you can’t complete something?

Have you tried to do something in the past that you haven’t been able to complete so you jump to the next thing? You doubt you can finish it. You don’t believe in your mind, in your capabilities, that you can finish the project you were working on. It seems like a lot of the times we have a hard time moving forward with some challenges.

In the last three years, I’ve been challenged numerous times with my current job. I love that I’m able to continue to grow, but there are challenges with that. You doubt in your mind if you can keep going.

Today I was getting frustrated and questioned and doubted if I could finish the project. Am I doing the right thing?

Are you a doubter? Do you doubt your self with some things that you want to accomplish, but never get started because you are not quite sure if you want to continue? You are not quite sure it’s going to work for you. Or you get started and you realize it’s not for you.

I’ve worked with people with health and fitness where about the third day they give up. Because it’s not working and it’s making them feel terrible. I’ll tell you within the third day of a new eating plan there are a lot of changes going on with your system. The third day and fourth day are some of the hardest days.

I feel that with some projects that I work on, could be work and could be family related, it seems like it goes in threes. That third day is so hard. But once you get past it you can maintain something for a lot longer period of time if you are able to consistent with it. So don’t doubt that you can’t complete something. If some things change and it’s not quite the way you want it to be, you can tweak it along the way but don’t doubt the fact that in that short period of time it’s not working for you.

So don’t be a doubter any more. I’m going to tell myself to quit being a doubter as well and make sure that I can continue on with different projects I’m working on and trudge through it. Sometimes it’s that little tedious work and you want to quit and you don’t want to do it anymore, but once you get past it you are so proud of yourself and you’ve really made an accomplishment.

Put doubts aside. Stop being a doubter. Stop questioning everything that you are doing and keep moving forward.

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