Tuesday, October 9, 2012


We've been adding little charming touches to our house lately.  It surprises me how little you can do to make your house feel homey.  What surprises me more is how much decorations cost. Wowzer!

I recently went to Hob Lob to pick up some fall decorations for our mantel the total came to $109. What?! All I bought were two candles, two hurricane vases, a faux pumpkin and a fall swag.  All of these items were on sale and it still added up to an outrageous price. Ri-donk-ulous, huh, I never say that word out loud, funny.

I'm returning the swag mainly because it was originally $99. (Don't worry, it was 50% off) Even with the discount, that is a lot of money for a fall swagger thingy.  I'm also returning it because the darned thing would not stay up on the mantel. Talk about getting my fire burning (pun intended).

The fall decorating continued with these cute faux pumpkins.  I had the PB candle holders for a while and got tired of them, they were stored away with other decorations, and I knew they could do the job.  This cute vignette suited them perfectly. I like simple, I like bows, I like simple bows and adding a jute bow around each pumpkin equals adorable.

It's starting to look like fall already. Notice Kennady's boots (photo bomber).

One of our most difficult decorating dilema's has been our mantel.  We just don't know what to put on it.  I really wanted to paint a picture of a red barn and a windmill. My major was Art & Design and I took a lot of fine art classes in college, so I should be able to paint this, right?  I knew it couldn't be that hard. Again I went to Hob Lob and purchased the canvas and paints.

My inspiration came from David Marty South Pasture and Hans Paus Red Fields II. I have discovered that creating a painting takes a lot of time, layers, time, layers, time and layers.  Below is the progression of my painting skills over the course of 4 or more weeks.

Wait for the change, the drastic change...

There were a few other progressions of this artwork before it became

Yes this is the same canvas.  Our house has very neutral colors, I had to tame down the brightness of the original "work of art." I'd say it's coming along nice, but still not finished. Man oh man, a painting takes time, time, time.

The hurricane vases with the candles and popcorn look a little lonely.  I'm headed to Hob Lob again to return the $99 swag and hope to find a smaller fall-ish item to put in the center.

On another decorating spree we purchased a Bon Appetit sign for above our range. It adds more to the kitchen atmosphere and some would say, "That is totally Renee." Not that I am french, my name may originate from France, but I'm actually German and Italian. But we liked the sign. I had the stars, vase, lemons and dishes which add a little flair up there.

That is all the decorating we've done lately. We have some larger furniture purchases that we are hoping to make this winter. Stay tuned...

How are you decorating your house for fall? Do you have any cheap and easy fall decorating ideas to share?

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